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Why it's Worth it to Hire a Private Detective for Background Checks

Background checks are a helpful way to learn more about someone in your life, whether it's a tenant who's renting out your two-bedroom flat or a new person you are dating. You might be tempted to carry out your own background check, especially with all the attractive offers online. But this is one area where it's beneficial to hire a private detective in NYC or NJ.

What is a Background Check? What are They Used For?

A background investigation is the process of finding information about an individual. There are a number of different background checks depending on your needs. For example, a daycare center might hire a PI to run a criminal background check, while a delivery service might request DMV records instead.

Here are the most common reasons why background investigations are run:

  • Find the whereabouts or credibility of an individual

  • Get further information on someone

  • Access public database records

  • Verify employee claims for workers compensation

  • Recover lost or stolen property

  • Verify investment opportunities

Why Should I Hire a Private Detective for a Background Investigation?

Although there is a wide variety of online resources for background searches, they are often incomplete and misleading. They can end up costing more than hiring a private investigator in NYC or NJ.

Let's discuss why it's advantageous to hire a PI for a background search.

Complete Information

Private detectives gather up all information on a specific individual. This means that you are not getting a glimpse of someone - you are getting the full story.

With this research, you can verify where a person has worked, whether they've committed a crime and how they manage their money. It's invaluable knowing that you don't have to worry about what other information could be out there.

Competitive Rates

Some private detectives charge a flat fee for their background searches while others charge by the hour. Ask before you hire so that you know what you will be charged.

The good news is that there are no hidden fees, something that you will almost certainly run into using online databases. These website often lure people in with attractive offers but request more money to continue accessing information.

Additional Services

If a private detective finds that the person you're dating has a criminal past, you can look further into the matter. PIs are experienced in collecting evidence and information, so you can determine if your partner has turned their life around or is living in lies. Sometimes, people don't know what to make of the information they have, but you're not alone with a professional detective.

Private detectives are useful when running a background check. For one price, you receive honest, accurate and complete information that put any fears to rest.


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