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To Catch a Cheater Are Spy Apps Worth It

It’s a feeling no one should have to go through. Your heart sinks. Your stomach feels sick. You can’t think straight. You just know your partner is cheating on you.

Each experience with a cheating partner is unique. Some people see signs from a mile away while others are smacked in the face. Either way, the feeling of being lied to, cheated on and played a fool suck. They really, really suck.

Before you approach your partner about the cheating, you probably want concrete evidence to prove your suspicions. With so many handy apps available, is it worth it to download one to get the proof you need?

Spying apps do offer a lot value and can help you catch a cheater. They put the tools you need into your hands so that you can access information about your partner and collect the evidence you need. But there are disadvantages to using an app for this purpose. Let’s take a look at what they are.

Not All Apps Collect Information Legally

It’s important to read the full disclosure or FAQ section of each app so that you know what you’re dealing with. Most will say something along the lines of, “Monitoring technology is legal in many cases, but we do not offer advice or recommend the use of monitoring for illegal activities.”

If you’re just looking to validate your concerns, you shouldn’t run into any problems. But be aware that you could be violating your partner’s privacy by using these apps.

Most Apps Have Limitations

Another factor to consider is that most spy apps have limitations that aren’t clearly spelled out - until you've paid for the app and downloaded it. For example, one popular app allows partners to monitor each other’s digital activity, but only the first 30 characters of each text are accessible. Also, you can only track GPS locations within a 30 minute interval. If someone really wanted to, they could still get away with lying.

Prices Can be Steep - and Recurring

Some spying apps are costly. Not only do they cost to download the program but also to use the services. If you plan on using the service on a monthly basis, you can expect to pay for it, too. This means that you’re getting hit with recurring charges, and the services come with a bunch of caveats like the ones listed above.

Is There an Alternative?

If you are truly concerned that your partner is cheating, you may want to look into hiring a private investigator. They can be surprisingly affordable, especially for the peace of mind that you receive. Apps cost money, and most are limited or can’t promise that the information obtained is done legally.

The information collected from a private investigator is legal and comprehensive and can be used to strengthen a divorce or child custody case. Also, you only need to pay one fee rather than paying each month for a service that may not give you answers.

Whatever route you choose, the most important thing is that you obtain the information you need to move forward in your relationship.


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