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Strange Phone Number? Find Out Who it Belongs To

You're sitting at home on a dark, cold evening, watching television with your spouse. All of a sudden, his phone rings and he silences it. You don't think much of the phone call, until it rings again and your husband diligently silences his phone again. "Who is it?" you ask. His reply: "Wrong number." Then the next morning after breakfast, he starts getting phone calls again. He excuses himself saying it's a work call.

It Often Starts with a Number

You know when something isn't right. You feel it in the pit of your stomach. In your bones. The little voice in your head is screaming at you. Naturally, no one wants to believe that their significant other could be cheating on them, but these feelings don't eliminate the chance that it could happen. If you feel that something is off with your spouse, you've probably noticed that the questionable behavior started with his cell phone.

Usually one of the first signs that people report is strange phone calls and texts. The calls and texts may come at weird times - late at night or first thing in the morning. Or, their partner may act strange when the call or text comes through. In fact, some people report that they wouldn't have even considered anything out of place; it was their spouse who started acting shady when their phone went off.

Playing Detective: Getting a Hold of the Number

The good news is that you can track down that strange phone number and find out who it belongs to. You'll first need to do a little digging work on your end, getting a hold of your spouse's cell phone and finding the unexplained number. It shouldn't be too hard - look for a consistent phone number that's been calling at those times. Remember, cheaters will sometimes disguise the phone number, so be on the lookout for numbers that may be falsely addressed to family members and friends.

Don't Trust Telephone Lookup Databases

When you find the strange phone number or numbers, don't waste your money on internet database searches. Unfortunately, many people do when they don't know who to turn to, and they end up wasting their money and not getting any answers. The trouble with these databases is that they don't keep the phone numbers up to date. What you'll get is outdated, inaccurate or incomplete information. Sorry, reliable, updated databases for telephone numbers just don't exist.

Hire a New Jersey Private Investigator

Instead, hand the phone number over to a trusted private investigator NJ. He/she will conduct research to find out who the number belongs to and provide the first and last name of that individual. Not only that, but the investigator will also give you the address listed on the account.

It generally takes 24-36 hours to obtain this information, a short wait on your part to get reliable, accurate information. A private detective NJ can also provide additional background on the person so that you know who you're dealing with. Your spouse could be talking to someone with a criminal background after all.

The next time you feel that something isn't right, obtain the questionable phone numbers and trust a professional private investigator to get to the bottom of it.

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