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Signs of a Cheating Boyfriend

On an average there are 86 single men to every 100 single women in America, according to This statistic might interest you if are afraid that your boyfriend is cheating on you. It clearly reveals that he has more choices than you if he makes himself available or poses as being single.

Red Flags That You Must Not Ignore

Nobody likes to be in a cheating relationship and if you have a feeling that your guy is cheating on you then you must not ignore this feeling. You can take help from an investigative agency and be sure of your man's intentions. Given below are some points that raise red flags of a cheating boyfriend.

  1. Extreme Privacy – He practices extreme privacy when he is around you. Whether it is taking his phone to the bathroom or switching to airplane mode while you to are together (so as to avoid receiving messages during that period) or putting a lock on each and every device he uses, extra cautious behavior and privacy issue is a matter of concern. Although men are not likely to share to their emails, text messages with their partners however, they are unlikely to make an effort to hide it as well unless there is something fishy.

  2. Non-existent Sex Life – Although this might happen if there you are dealing with other issues in your relationship. However, it is unlikely that he would say no to sex unless he is already meeting his physical needs elsewhere.

  3. He is Unavailable – He is unavailable to talk to you or meet you most of the time. He may make excuses such as work commitments or other engagements. If you sense a visible decline in your interactions because he is unavailable most of the time, then its time you sit up and do something.

  4. Hanging Out with Unknown People – If he has suddenly started hanging out with a new bunch of people you have never known and you are never invited, chances are he is seeing someone else too.

  5. You Have Never Interacted with His Close Ones – If he says he is committed to you, however, you have never interacted with his close ones or he insists on keeping the relationship a secret, then it quite possible that he is double dating.

  6. Sudden Increase in Credit Card Transactions – If you come across sudden rise in credit card transaction of your boyfriend's at places you know he would not go; chances are there is someone else driving him to make those payments.

But beyond all the apparent red flags that you might come across, you must not ignore your gut feeling. You can avail our personal investigation services, we can help you put your doubts to rest.


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