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If I Have Concerns Over a Sitter Can I Spy on Them

In a perfect world, you would trust your child’s caregiver with no hesitation. Though there are a lot of great sitters out there, some are not as patient and trustworthy as we would hope them to be. Even great references and a positive first impression can be misleading. The first instinct you may have is spying on your sitter. Not to be nosy or scary or strange but to protect what’s most important to you.

Usually, parents are faced with one of two scenarios. Either they want to make sure that the new caregiver is trustworthy, or they are concerned that a sitter isn’t reliable after things their children have said. Either situations warrant a bit of private detective NJ work, but it’s important to know what’s legal and what’s not. You would hate to cross the lines and be in the wrong yourself.

What Rights Does a Caregiver Have?

First, let’s start with the basics. All people – babysitters included - have the right to privacy in areas where they can reasonably expect it. This means that you cannot put up nanny cams in the bathroom or in the bedroom if the sitter is spending the night. Do this and now you’re the one breaking the law.

At this time, many states allow for video recordings to be used in private homes without letting others know. The only catch is that they must be used for reasonable purposes. Not all states agree on this issue, though. If you tape your nanny stealing, you may not be able to use the evidence if it wasn’t collected legally. Additionally, audio recordings are almost always prohibited. So, be sure to press that mute button if there is one.

3 Ways to Spy on Your Sitter

Some experts recommend informing the caregiver that they could be recorded. You could even have the sitter sign a document saying this. At the very least, this attempt will encourage the sitter to act responsibly when on the job, with or without the cameras.

If you choose to go about the spying in a more secretive way (and according to the laws in your state), here are three ways to do it.

  • Nanny Cams: These small cameras can be placed in common areas in the home: kitchens, family rooms and backyards. They are often hidden in lamps, teddy bears and televisions, and many have live feeds that you can watch from the office.
  • GPS Tracking Devices: GPS tracking devices come in handy if you have a nanny who takes your child out on a regular basis. The tracking system can be placed in a diaper bag or in your child’s clothing so that you can keep tabs on where they are.
  • Checking In: Not all spying has to be technology-based. Don’t forget good ol’ fashion drop bys. Popping in unexpectedly reminds the sitter that you are around. This will keep them on their toes just in case you show up during your lunch break or leave early for the afternoon.

If you have real concerns on your mind, don’t hesitate to contact a private investigator NJ. This is the best way to gather reliable evidence that can be used in a courtroom if necessary, and it protects you from gathering information in an unethical manner.


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