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Could Your Long Distance Relationship Be Over?

So you're here in New York while your boyfriend is on the other side of the country. Maybe you were hesitant about the long-distance relationship in the first place, or perhaps you felt good about it. Either way, you're looking at a much different situation today. Your boyfriend has been distant, uninterested and even a little bored. Could he be cheating? Or is the relationship already over?

While you won't know for certain unless your boyfriend tells the truth (or you hire a private investigator to do some fact checking), here are some fairly obvious signs that your long distance relationship has seen its prime.

Change in Communications

Sure, you might be a couple hours ahead in NY, but that never stopped your boyfriend from calling before. But all of a sudden, there's been a change in your communication routines. Your boyfriend might not reply to your texts right away or care that you forgot to call. He's harder to get a hold of, and he doesn't seem to make an effort to connect with you.

Endless Excuses

It takes a lot of effort for long distance relationships to work, so if your boyfriend keeps coming up with excuses, it's possible that he's no longer invested in the relationship. He might have an excuse about setting up a webcam or coming out for a weekend in New Jersey. If your relationship doesn't feel like a priority, it's probably not.

A New Girl in Town

Are you sitting at home in while your boyfriend hangs out with a new set of friends - and possibly a new girl? He may insist that she's nothing more than a friend, but you suspect that there's more going on. Nevertheless, if you're not comfortable with him spending time with another girl, he should want to make you happy - not her.

No Personal Updates

If you're relying on Snapchat for updates on your boyfriend, this isn't a good sign. Your boyfriend should be updating you first - not the rest of the world. If you find out that he's landed a new promotion or tried skydiving for the first time on social media as opposed to a direct text, it's basically saying you're not that important.

Less Future Talk

Probably when you started the long distance relationship, you and your boyfriend had plans to join together in the same state at some point. So what's holding you back now? Does your boyfriend have any interest in returning to New York? Is he reluctant to talk about the future with you? It's possible that he's making a new life for himself and that his future plans have changed.


Long distance relationships are never easy, but they can work when both partners are committed. Unfortunately, it's easy for things to get in the way - work, money, other people - and for the relationship to change and no longer be a priority. If you feel like this has happened, hire a team of affordable private investigators to discover the truth. You deserve to know what the state of your relationship is!


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