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Business Travels and the Cheating Spouse

Business travel can provide ample opportunities for a spouse to cheat without having to cover their tracks. As a matter of fact, business travel is one of the most common settings for infidelity to occur. According to one poll, 36 percent of men and 13 percent of women admitted that they cheated on their spouse when they were away on business, regardless if they were happily married or not.

If your spouse travels frequently for work and you're concerned that they may be cheating on you, we have some signs that you should keep an eye out for. Remember, you never want to let your emotions get the best of you and wrongly accuse someone of cheating. If you're suspicious but not certain, hire a New Jersey private investigator to get down to the bottom of the strange behavior.

In the meantime, here are some things to watch out for.

Fake Business Trips

It's one thing if your spouse has to travel outside of NJ for their job, but it's another if those travels are becoming longer and more frequent. Today's technology makes traveling shorter and less often, not the opposite.

Investigate the trips a bit further and make sure they are legit. Ask questions about where your spouse is staying, when their flight comes in, what their meeting is about, etc. This shows interest and won't give away your motive.

Longer Lasting Trips

Again, technology allows us to have more interactions with others without having to be there. If your spouse has to fly in from New Jersey to meet with someone important, that's fine. But is it really necessary to stay for 4 or 5 days?

If your spouse's time away from NJ is getting more frequent, it's worth investigating why this is the case. Unless there's a big project going on or a large account that needs extra attention, longer trips are generally not necessary.

Less Information about the Trips

As a husband or wife, you have a right to know what's going on when your spouse isn't home. What hotel are they staying at? Do you have an extra number you can reach them at? Can they bring those cute little hotel soaps home for the kids?

Sometimes when cheating spouses have a lover in another state, they will stay at their home instead of a hotel. If your spouse isn't giving you firm answers about where they can be reached, send a PI to follow them. You have a right to know what's going on while you're back home in Jersey.

Here at All State Investigation, we often find that our clients know in their gut when something isn't right. If you're feeling differently toward your spouse's travels, get a private detective involved from All State Investigation. We're experts on these types of cases, and we'll find out what's going on and whether you have anything to worry about.


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