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7 Reasons to Hire a PI for Your Teen

Being a parent of a teenager is hard work. Everyone warns you of this day, but it's not until you actually start dealing with your own child's temperament and behavior that you realize how challenging the adolescent phase really is.

There are many opinions about privacy and teenagers. Some experts say that teens need their privacy. As a trusted private investigative service that has been working in this field for over 60 years, we have to say that we disagree. Teens are still kids - they are not adults. Without the proper guidance, teens can get into a lot of trouble that can leave lasting consequences.

Here are seven reasons why you may want to hire a private investigator to check up on your teenager.

1. They're hanging out with a new crowd.

Teens typically befriend others who have similar interests as them. If you don't trust the friends your child is hanging out with, a PI can check in on them and confirm your suspicions.

2. They are using or dealing drugs.

If you've found your child with illicit drugs and they denied it, you may not be sure what to believe. Let a PI help you better understand what's going on. When you have the proof, you can suggest treatment and stop the cycle of abuse.

3. They are skipping school.

Skipping school often goes along with other bad behaviors such as drugs, alcohol or criminal activity. Your teen should be in school during the day.

4. They have run away from home.

Teens can get upset and run away from home. You can use social media to your advantage, but a PI has the tools and resources that others don't have. Find your child before it's too late.

5. They left rehab unexpectedly.

If you were able to get your child into treatment for an addiction, but they left, it's important to find them. They may be at risk for relapse and overdose, so time is of essence.

6. They are acting irresponsibly.

Parents know their children. If you think your child is making poor decisions that could be putting them in harm's way, a PI can do some digging. You deserve to know what your child is up to during the day or when out with friends.

7. They are spending a lot of time alone.

Perhaps your teen doesn't have a new circle of friends and isn't going out. Instead, they are spending an increasing amount of time alone. A PI can help in this instance, too. There are red flags to watch for that can give an indication as to what may be going on with your teen.

You can never be too careful as a parent. If your child gets into trouble, there's no going back. Be proactive and hire a PI to give you the answers you need to sleep at night.


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