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7 Noticeable Signs of a Cheating Girlfriend

Is she cheating on you, or is something else going on?

This is a question that men ask themselves every day. There was probably a time in your relationship where you felt that your love was indestructible, but now you might be feeling very differently. But we all know that men are from Mars and women are from Venus, so it’s possible that your girlfriend is just going through her own thing right now.

Let’s dive into seven obvious signs that your girlfriend is cheating on you.

1. Boost in Appearance. Remember when your girlfriend went through great lengths to look beautiful when you first started dating? Then she probably let up a little, which is normal. But if she all of a sudden starts paying attention to her appearance more than usual again, you may have to wonder who it’s for.

2. Available Less Often. If your girlfriend has been pulling away from you and your friends/family, you need to find out why. If she’s invested in another relationship, she’s going to feel guilty being around those who are important to you.

3. Sudden New Friends. Wondering where your girlfriend is coming up with all these new friends? Unless she recently started a new job in NY, this circle of friends could be from the new man she is dating.

4. Increased Independence. Most women enjoy having a man to dote on them, but if your girlfriend has recently become more independent from you, something probably isn’t right. She might even be saying “you” and “I” rather than “we.”

5. Demand for Privacy. People tend to want more privacy when they are hiding something, which is often the case when a girl asks to be left alone. Some of the biggest signs to watch for are her keeping her phone away from you, texting more than ever and keeping her phone on silent.

6. Nonchalant about the Relationship. If your girlfriend has noticeably been less interested in your relationship, it could be because she’s not as invested anymore. She might not care that you forgot your 6-month anniversary or that you can’t make it to dinner in New York. That’s because she has someone else who can.

7. No Long-Term Commitment. Most women who are in committed relationships will drop hints that they see a future with that person. If your girlfriend has stopped doing this, it's probably because she has other options to consider.

While these are all signs that your girlfriend may be cheating on you, you can’t know for certain unless you see it for yourself or gather evidence from a private detective. While you don’t want to stay in a dead-end relationship, you do want to make sure that you approach her with the right facts - otherwise you could ruin a relationship with someone who might just be dealing with personal issues.


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