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5 Reasons to Order a Background Check

Background checks are typically associated with the workplace, but these checks can be beneficial in everyday life, too. While most people have good intentions, there are some that do not. Background checks are not limited to people you just met; they can also be used for people you know. Benefits include that they are fast, accurate and inexpensive. Below are five reasons to order a background check.


1. Before entering a serious relationship.


The person you just met seems perfect in every way. You don’t want to believe that there could be anything wrong, but something keeps nagging at you. Before you give away personal or financial information or move in with that person, it’s wise to run a background check. You would hate to settle into the relationship, share personal information about yourself and find out your partner wasn’t honest. Be safe, be aware and don’t be taken advantage of.


2. For litigation purposes.


If you are going to court over an issue, your attorney or a NYC private investigator may request a background check to gather as much evidence about the other person. The background check will reveal all types of information that can be used to go against your opponent’s credibility and truthfulness. For example, if you were sued following a car accident, a background check could shed light on other crimes of dishonesty that would help your case.


3. Any situation involving a child.


If you and your child’s partner do not agree on custody arrangements, a background check may be ordered. You may also request a background check if you’re hiring a caregiver, or if someone in your neighborhood appears harmful. Children are vulnerable and it’s our job to protect them. Use background checks in these types of circumstances to be certain that you’re providing a safe and secure environment for your children.


4. When hiring a new employee.


Whether you’re being hired for a new job or hiring someone else, a background check is the best way to avoid loss, lower training costs and know who is being hired. Background checks are standard with most jobs nowadays, especially because they are fast, efficient and inexpensive. Plus, background checks ensure that other employees and customers are kept safe.


5. When something goes wrong.


Sometimes, things happen. You may have trusted a roommate, and they ended up stealing from you. You may have met a sincere person online, only to learn that they had been lying about who they were. When something goes wrong, you need to fill in the blanks, which can be done with a full background check performed by a Brooklyn private investigator. Then, if you need to hire an attorney or file a police report, you have relevant information available.


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